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Packaging Pledge

Contributing to a circular economy

Towards a circular packaging economy

We need packaging that keeps our products fresh and safe – but not at the planet’s expense.  Intersnack cannot achieve a fully circular packaging economy on its own, so we partner with industry and initiatives to improve local recycling infrastructures whilst we continue our own zero loss journey.

Packing more with less

To avoid waste at every level and help close the loop on our packaging use, we have set out a company-wide Packaging Strategy which aims for maximum efficiency, eliminating what is unnecessary whilst developing the most optimal packaging solutions and working towards full material recyclability.  We always start by seeking ways to use less material to pack more product. 


Packaging Pledge

We are committed to:

  • Reduce our use of packaging material by 15% by 2025 (compared to our 2014 baseline)

  • Achieve 100% recyclability for plastic consumer packaging by 2025

  • Actively engage in partnerships and initiatives to improve waste collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure

  • Use 20% recycled content in our plastic packaging material by 2030 (if it becomes commercially available, and functionality can be guaranteed)

These are bold targets so we’re proud to be able to report that, by the end of 2022 we had already achieved an 11% reduction. 



Our packaging progress so far (12/2022)


packaging types are recyclable



reduction in flexible packaging (versus 2014)


reduction in cardboard (versus 2014)

Helping to close the loop

Using the most optimal, recyclable types of packaging is only a first step - it also has to be collected, sorted, and recycled properly. For this, we are dependent on national waste collection, sorting systems and recycling infrastructure, which varies widely from country to country.

So, we actively engage in many local partnerships and sector initiatives to improve collection, quality of sorting and recycling.  

Currently our partners include a.o. CeflexWRAP UK and Holy Grail 2.0