Our Brands

We make many of Polands favourite savoury snacks.
Our product portfolio includes, such brands as Felix and Przysnacki.


Nuts are a tasty and valuable snack.  Felix peanuts come from carefully selected plantations only. Crunchy, fresh and always top quality, Felix peanuts can turn simple moments into extraordinary ones.
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If you feel like having a surprise snack go for Felix Crispers. It is a combination of an extraordinary, crunchy coating with a distinct taste and a surprise inside it – a tasty Felix peanut. Felix portfolio offers a wide variety of products wherefrom one always choose something meeting his needs. Those who are into fiery taste lines can go for Chilli, fans of spicy tastes can pick Paprika and proponents of delicacy can take Green Onion. If you like more sophisticated tastes from all over the world look for Guacamole or Wasabi which in are to be found in the stores limited editions.
Are you going to a party? Our Party Pack seems to be the right choice if you want to share Crispers with your friends. The first crunch of the delicious coating is a good kick-off for a good evening.Crispers. There is more than crunch.


Welcome to the country of Przysnacki. Everyone will find here something suitable. Pick one of the traditional Polish flavors or reach for the other ones which have been prepared especially for you. This Przysnacki product line comprises white chips, extruded snacks and potato crisps having popular  flavors in Poland: paprika, bacon, green onion and salted. Now Przysnacki have been extended by pistachio nuts and peanuts.
Try all Przysnacki varieties – you will surely find something for you!