• Our vision and core values

    They guide us each and every day

  • Vision

    We are passionate about enriching people’s lives by offering the best savoury snacks – day by day.

    This we achieve not only through our optimal blend of localness and internationality, but also by our innovative strength and outstanding quality, as well as by striving for excellence in all areas.

Core values

Thinking responsibly

We take responsibility for all our actions – whether they relate to our consumers, our employees, our business partners or of course our environment.

We believe that integrity, accountability and proper risk management are essential.

Two key factors for our future success are firstly operating our business with a long-term view and secondly implementing a challenging Corporate Social Responsibility policy which focuses on the total supply chain.

Acting entrepreneurially

Taking ownership of our business is what makes us different and ensures our independence.

Our strong consumer orientation drives us to develop the business. We strive for market leadership in our core markets, fully exploiting our whole portfolio range.

Our organisation is lean and close to the market. We have an efficient and pragmatic attitude and enjoy our challenging culture, seeking to achieve operational excellence in all areas.

Growing together

Our ambition is to grow. To achieve our goals, we rely on the diversity of our brands and products as well as on the cultural diversity, the experience and talents of our people.

This richness enables us to improve continuously, to constantly deliver the highest quality and to develop a steady stream of innovative products.

We believe in the importance of trust, transparency, open communication and multidisciplinary decision making. It is only as a strong team pulling together that we all benefit from our success.